Victim Representation


Everyone knows that today, criminal defendants nationwide have a constitutionally guaranteed right to an attorney. In Connecticut, not only do defendants have constitutional rights in a criminal case, but so do their victims. Oftentimes, prosecutors play the role of representing the interests of the victim. However, prosecutors also must balance a victim’s input with what is a just outcome in the case for the defendant and the broader community.

One way that victims can ensure that their voice is heard throughout the process is by hiring an attorney of their own. Typically, the most effective victim’s attorneys are those that actually practice criminal defense, like those at Black’s Law Group, because these attorneys navigate the criminal justice system on a daily basis. This helps in setting expectations for yourself and advocating for what you would like to see happen in the case.

Hiring an attorney to represent you can help you remain involved in the case without needing to personally appear in court on various court dates. Similarly, hiring your own attorney will allow someone with solely your interests to advocate on your behalf throughout the process and even speak on your behalf in court during proceedings where you have a right to do so.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of a crime, call Black’s Law Group today to see how we can help. The consultation is free.

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