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Drug crimes can largely be distinguished between those related to a person's involvement in the sale or distribution of drugs, or their use of them. This also happens to largely dovetail with felony or misdemeanor classifications of drug offenses.


Like any other type of criminal offense in Connecticut, drug crimes carry with them possibilities of imprisonment and fines, to say nothing of the non-court related consequences of such arrests or convictions. Your freedom is serious business. Protecting your criminal record is serious business. Protecting your reputation in the community is serious business.

At Black’s Law Group, we know that regardless of whether you are facing felony or misdemeanor drug charges, you are likely concerned, overwhelmed, and in unfamiliar territory. Picking up that phone and calling a team of experienced and creative criminal defense attorneys, like ours, is your first step towards protecting yourself.

Common Types of Drug Cases

In Connecticut, felony and misdemeanor drug cases largely come down to whether you are accused of being involved in the distribution of narcotics or simply “personal use” of them. Our team of attorneys have handled drug cases involving substantial quantities of street drugs like fentanyl, heroin, crack and powder cocaine, as well as prescription drugs like Xanax (just as an example). More often than not, the “what” as to the type of drug is less important than other factors involved in the case.

Our team has substantial experience dealing with Possession with Intent to Sell, Simple Possession, and Drug Paraphernalia related charges. Our approach in these cases involve investigating the law and facts of the police department’s investigation, exploring legal defenses, factual defenses, and also, mitigation based defenses to guide your case towards appropriate pretrial outcomes or, alternatively, vigorously defending you at trial.

The Stakes of Drug Crime Arrests

Although many people will argue that drug arrests are less serious than other crimes, that simply is not the case. Drug arrests can result in you being handcuffed, booked, having a mug shot taken, ending up on a local police blotter or arrest log, and from there, having that fact circulated to your community online. Following an arrest, if not handled properly, your case and a possible conviction could result in suspended driving privileges, employment restrictions, termination from employment, and more. If you have children, a drug conviction could impact your involvement in your children’s extracurricular activities. The possibilities go on and on. This is why you want the right people guiding you throughout the criminal case, from start to finish,

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Whether you or a loved one are facing felony or misdemeanor drug charges, hiring an experienced attorney to guide you through the process could be the difference between treatment and a program or imprisonment. You want to hire the experienced and creative attorneys that understand that the facts are not always black and white. Call the team at Black’s Law Group today for your free Connecticut drug crimes consultation.

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