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Will contests, conservatorships, trust disputes, are just a few of the standard types of probate litigation that can pit family member against family member.


The attorneys at Black’s Law Group have been handling probate court disputes for the last 20 plus years. These cases can often be as difficult and messy as a divorce. They can pit family member against family member and create a lifelong schism. That result can’t always be avoided, but sometimes it can if the issues are addressed immediately before things are done or said that can’t be undone or un-said.

Experience and expertise in this niche area of litigation is helpful. Our firm has handled all varieties of litigation such as:

  • will contests, both defending the will and attacking it, for improper execution, testamentary capacity, and undue influence.
  • fiduciary malfeasance.
  • bringing conservatorships when a party is at risk of being exploited or defending a person from an unnecessary conservatorship being sought for an improper purpose.
  • Trust disputes.
  • Compelling or defending an accounting for a power of attorney or a trust.

We consider both continency fee and hourly fee agreements at the client’s request. Many of these cases have very tight timelines and timing requirements so acting quickly after an issue arises is important.

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