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Drug crimes in Connecticut can largely be divided into two categories. There are charges related to the simple possession of narcotics or paraphernalia to use or ingest those narcotics. There are also charges related to Possession with Intent to Sell narcotics, which are more serious charges. The former are misdemeanor offenses, whereas Possession with Intent to Sell cases involve felony charges, some of which include mandatory minimum sentences.

If you or a loved one are being investigated or have already been arrested for Simple Possession or Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, you are likely scared, concerned, and overwhelmed. Call our experienced and dedicated attorneys at Black’s Law Group for an initial consultation where we can answer some of your likely many questions.

Until then, you can continue reading the rest of this post to learn about some of the basics about the criminal charge of Possession with Intent to Sell.

“Simple Possession” vs. Possession with Intent to Sell?

What are the differences between simply possessing narcotics and possessing them with the intent to sell? This is a highly fact-specific questions that depends on the police investigation in your case. Did they find the narcotics stored in one bag or across multiple bags? Were those multiple bags in specific weights consistent with the way those who sell drugs break them up? Did you have possession of a scale as well? Were you in possession of an inordinate amount of cash? All of these factual questions can determine whether you will be charged with Simple Possession or Possession with Intent to Sell.

Simple Possession Charges

A Simple Possession charge in Connecticut states that “any person who possesses or has under such person’s control any quantity of any controlled substance, except any quantity of cannabis … shall be guilty of a class A misdemeanor.”

Class A Misdemeanors in Connecticut carry up to 364 days (one day less than a year) of imprisonment. You can also be fined up to $2,000.

If this is your second Simple Possession case, the Court will order that you be evaluated to determine whether you are a drug-dependent person. If you are drug-dependent, the Court may order you to participate in a treatment program before dismissing the charge. If you are not drug-dependent, you will face the same misdemeanor offense as the first time around.

For any third offense or beyond, you may be subject to enhanced penalties through our persistent offender laws. A persistent Simple Possession offender is someone who has twice previously been convicted of Simple Possession within the previous 10 years. The enhanced penalty would subject you to the penalties of a class E felony in Connecticut, which carries up to 3 years of imprisonment and up to a $3,500 fine.

Drug Paraphernalia Charges

A standard Possession of Drug Paraphernalia charge states that “no person shall use or possess with intent to use drug paraphernalia … to plant, propagate, cultivate, grow, harvest, manufacture, compound, convert, produce, process, prepare, test, analyze, pack, repack, store, contain or conceal, or to ingest, inhale or otherwise introduce into the human body, any controlled substance … than cannabis.”

This charge is a class C misdemeanor, which means that if you are convicted you could face up to 90 days of imprisonment and up to $250 in fines.

However, the penalties of this charge can become much more severe depending on “where you did the possessing.” If you are on or within 200 feet of a public or private school and are not a student, you will face a mandatory 1 year sentence.

If you or someone you love is facing an arrest for Possession of Narcotics or Paraphernalia, call the Connecticut attorneys at Black’s Law Group for a free consultation.

Drug arrests place you in the crosshairs of the criminal justice system, but can also affect your job, your family, and reputation in the community. You or your loved one are probably scared of what lies ahead. You will want to hire the right team of Connecticut defense attorneys to thoroughly evaluate and investigate your case, and then guide it to the best possible outcome. That’s where Black’s Law Group comes in. Call Black’s now to schedule your free consultation.

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