Kevin Black is more than a great lawyer, he’s a miracle worker. I was not the easiest client to represent for a number of reasons (this was a criminal case) and he had an amazing offer before I went ahead and got myself a handful of new charges. I thought there would be nothing anybody could do for me but Attorney Black got most of everything dismissed and some fines on what I plead to. Most importantly even though I felt like a loser with all these stupid actions on my part Kevin treated me like a human being the whole time, while still letting me know I screwed up and being straight with me like a good friend would. I would highly recommend him for criminal defense and any other areas he practices in. Before he was on my case I felt so alone and outnumbered in the court room, but going in with Attorney Black he was confident and in control the whole time which really lowered the stress of the cases weighing on me. I have taken many steps to get my life together and getting these charges closed is the final step in that so I hope to never need him again, but if I need a lawyer for something other than a criminal case I will be calling him.

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